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Enum WebExceptionStatus


Defines status codes for the WebException class.

public enum WebExceptionStatus


ConnectFailure = 2

The remote service point could not be contacted at the transport level.

ConnectionClosed = 8

The connection was prematurely closed.

KeepAliveFailure = 12

The connection for a request that specifies the Keep-alive header was closed unexpectedly.

NameResolutionFailure = 1

The name resolver service could not resolve the host name.

Pending = 13

An internal asynchronous request is pending.

PipelineFailure = 5

The request was a piplined request and the connection was closed before the response was received.

ProtocolError = 7

The response received from the server was complete but indicated a protocol-level error. For example, an HTTP protocol error such as 401 Access Denied would use this status.

ProxyNameResolutionFailure = 15

The name resolver service could not resolve the proxy host name.

ReceiveFailure = 3

A complete response was not received from the remote server.

RequestCanceled = 6

The request was canceled or an unclassifiable error occurred. This is the default value for Status.

SecureChannelFailure = 10

An error occurred while establishing a connection using SSL.

SendFailure = 4

A complete request could not be sent to the remote server.

ServerProtocolViolation = 11

The server response was not a valid HTTP response.

Success = 0

No error was encountered.

Timeout = 14

No response was received during the time-out period for a request.

TrustFailure = 9

A server certificate could not be validated.