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Enum MethodImplOptions


Defines the details of how a method is implemented.

public enum MethodImplOptions


ForwardRef = 16

The method is declared, but its implementation is provided elsewhere.

InternalCall = 4096

The call is internal, that is, it calls a method that is implemented within the common language runtime.

NoInlining = 8

The method cannot be inlined. Inlining is an optimization by which a method call is replaced with the method body.

PreserveSig = 128

The method signature is exported exactly as declared.

Synchronized = 32

The method can be executed by only one thread at a time. Static methods lock on the type, whereas instance methods lock on the instance. Only one thread can execute in any of the instance functions, and only one thread can execute in any of a class's static functions.

Unmanaged = 4

The method is implemented in unmanaged code.