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Enum ThreadState


Specifies the execution states of a Thread.

public enum ThreadState


AbortRequested = 128

The Thread.Abort method has been invoked on the thread, but the thread has not yet received the pending System.Threading.ThreadAbortException that will attempt to terminate it.

Aborted = 256

The thread state includes AbortRequested and the thread is now dead, but its state has not yet changed to Stopped.

Background = 4

The thread is being executed as a background thread, as opposed to a foreground thread. This state is controlled by setting the Thread.IsBackground property.

Running = 0

The thread has been started, it is not blocked, and there is no pending ThreadAbortException.

StopRequested = 1

The thread is being requested to stop. This is for internal use only.

Stopped = 16

The thread has stopped.

SuspendRequested = 2

The thread is being requested to suspend.

Suspended = 64

The thread has been suspended.

Unstarted = 8

The Thread.Start method has not been invoked on the thread.

WaitSleepJoin = 32

The thread is blocked. This could be the result of calling Thread.Sleep or Thread.Join, of requesting a lock � for example, by calling Monitor.Enter or Monitor.Wait or of waiting on a thread synchronization object such as ManualResetEvent.