ResourcesTableEntry (CLR_RECORD_RESOURCE)

The Resources table is used to describe the resources bound to an assembly

Name Type Description
Id uint16_t Id of the resource
Kind ResourceKind Kind of the resource
Flags uint8_t Flags for the resource
Offset ResourcesDataTableIndex Index into the ResourcesData blob table


Name Value Description
Invalid 0x00 Invalid entry
Bitmap 0x01 The resource is a Bitmap
Font 0x02 The resource is a Font in the TinyCLR Font format
String 0x03 The resource is a String
Binary 0x04 The resource is a binary blob

Manifest Constants

Name Value Description
SentinelId 0x7FFF Sentinel marker (See Notes for details)
FlagsPaddingMask 0x03 Mask for lower two bits of flags to retrieve padding (See Notes for details)


The last entry in the Resources table will have:

Field Value
Id SentinelId
Kind Invalid
Offset Size of the ResourceData table
Flags 0

This is used to ensure that the preceding entry can use the offset of the last entry to compute the size of its data in the ResourceData blob table.

The lower two bits of the flags is the padding applied to align this entries data in the ResourcesData blob table. That is, the size of the previous entries data is the offset of this entry minus the offset of the previous entry minus the padding for this entry. Or to put that another way, to compute the size of a resource requires a reference to the next entry in the table. With the next entry the size is computable using the following formula:

sizeOfResource = next.Offset - Offset + ( next.Flags & FlagsPaddingMask )