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Espressif ESP32-S3 Series

These are the firmware images:

  • ESP32_S3 that fits all ESP32-S3 boards exposing the embedded USB CDC through GPIO19 and GPIO20. These can be ESP32-S3-WROOM, ESP32-S3-DevKit's or any of the amazing S3 boards from Unexpected Maker, or any other similar hardware with or without PSRAM.
  • ESP32_S3_BLE same as above, but including support for BLE.

You can check Espressif Product Selector for details on all the existing variants, chips, modules and respective development kits.

ESP32-S3 Modules


ESP32-S3 Modules List

ESP32-S3 Dev Kits


ESP32-S3 Dev Kits List

Unexpected Maker S3 boards


Unexpected Maker ESP32-S3 Product page

Firmware images (ready to deploy)

Target Firmware
ESP32_S3 Latest Version @ Cloudsmith
ESP32_S3_BLE Latest Version @ Cloudsmith

⚠️ In order to update most of the S3 boards with nanoff the board needs to be put in download mode by holding [BOOT], clicking [RESET] and then releasing [BOOT]. In doubt please check the instructions from the respective manufacturer.