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NXP i.MXRT1060 evalboard

Board featuring 600 MHz ARM Cortex-M7 core without internal flash. But it has support for both QSPI and HyperFlash. Can be powered from usb. It has onboard LPC-Link programmer.

Technical and Functional Specifications:

  • Memory
    • 256 Mb SDRAM memory
    • 512 Mb Hyper Flash
    • 64 Mb QSPI Flash
    • TF socket for SD card
  • Display and Audio
    • Parallel LCD connector
    • Camera connector
    • Audio codec
    • 4-pole audio headphone jack
    • External speaker connection
    • Microphone
    • S/PDIF connector
  • Connectivity
    • Micro USB host and OTG connectors
    • Ethernet (10/100M) connector
    • CAN transceiver
    • Arduino® interface


Specification acquired from NXP product page

Firmware images (ready to deploy)

The ready to use firmware images provided include support for the class libraries and features marked bellow.

Gpio Spi I2c Pwm Adc Serial Events SWO Networking Large Heap
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Latest Version @ Cloudsmith

If you want to use dedicated J-Link programmer instead of onboard one, please refer to SEGGER wiki. It describes how to configure J-Link to work with i.MXRT1060 microcontroller.

To setup J-Link in Visual Studio Core refer to this guide.