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STMicroelectronics 32F769IDISCOVERY

stm discovery

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Connecting and powering the board

There are two USB ports on the board. For firmware flashing and debugging, use the one named "USB ST_LINK": image

Note: This USB connection will also power the board. Alternatively, it supports PoE, so it may be handy when deploying in the field (although you will not be able to upload new program that way). To enable PoE, install an appropriate jumper on CN3 header.

Installing drivers and STM32 Cube Programmer

Download the appropriate STM32 Cube Programmer version from ST web site and install it in your development machine. (it will also install USB drivers)

Flashing initial nanoFramework firmware

Before you can code in C#, nanoFramework runtime has to be flashed in. This is done by nanoff utility, which you installed in the Getting Started guide. Run this command in the Command Prompt:

nanoff --target ST_STM32F769I_DISCOVERY --update

This command will download the latest stable FW revision, detect the the board and flash it.

If it complains like this, disregard it: image

You are now ready to upload C# programs.

User LEDs and buttons

The are four LEDs available for the user, marked LD1-LD4, and also a button USER. Their pins are:

Marking MCU port&pin nF pin number
LD1 PJ13 157
LD2 PJ5 149
LD3 PA12 12
LD4 PD4 52

Note: LD4 levels are inverted compared to LD1-LD3.

Note: LD3 is also tied to the Arduino header pin D13.

If you want to know, how MCU pin name is converted to nF pin number, see the FAQ here.

Arduino headers pinout

CN11 (power delivery):

Marking MCU port&pin nF pin number
NC - -
+3V3 - -
5V - -
GND - -
GND - -
VIN - -

CN14 (analog functions):

Marking MCU port&pin nF pin number Alternative function
A0 PA6 6 Analog channel 0
A1 PA4 4 Analog channel 1
A2 PC2 34 Analog channel 2
A3 PF10 90 -
A4 PF8 88 Analog channel 4
A5 PF9 89 -

CN9 (digital functions):

Marking MCU port&pin nF pin number Alternative function
D15 PB8 24 I2C1_SCL
D14 PB9 25 I2C1_SDA
AVDD - - -
GND - - -
D13 PA12 12 SPI2_SCK
D12 PB14 30 SPI2_MISO
D11 PB15 31 SPI2_MOSI
D10 PA11 11 SPI2_CS
D9 PH6 118 -
D8 PJ4 148 -

CN13 (digital functions):

Marking MCU port&pin nF pin number Alternative function
D7 PJ3 147 -
D6 PF7 87 -
D5 PC8 40 -
D4 PJ0 144 -
D3 PF6 86 -
D2 PJ1 145 -

Firmware images (ready to deploy)

Latest Version @ Cloudsmith