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How To Create a .dfu file

To manually flash firmware using ST DFUSE tools, get a copy of ST DFUSE tools.

  • Install the DFUSE tools
  • Download the devices firmware update .zip file
  • Repeat step 1 above

Step one

  • Locate the devices Device_BlockStorage.c file.
    • E.g. the Netduino 3 file is located here.
  • Find the BlockRegionInfo segment Start address and bytes per block.


const BlockRegionInfo BlockRegions[] =

        0x08000000,                         // start address for block region
        4,                                  // total number of blocks in this region
        0x4000,                             // total number of bytes per block
  • Start the STDFU File Manager and select the "I want to generate a .dfu file ...." radio button.
  • Select the "Muti BIN" button and select the nanoBooter.bin file from the firmware update .zip file. Enter the Start address from above into the "Address" textbox. Example: 8000000.
  • Press the "Add to List" button.
  • Next select the nanoCLR.bin file. Enter the Start address + bytes per block into the "Address" textbox. Example: 804000.
  • Press the "Add to List" button.
  • Press the "Generate" button.

Step two

  • Start the DFUSE Demo Application.
  • Locate the .dfu file generated above.
  • Click the "Choose" button then the "Update" button.
  • Toggle the devices power.
  • That's all, we are done!