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.NET nanoFramework Unit Tests platform

nanoFramework offers a complete Unit Tests platform called nanoFramework.TestPlatform

What is nanoFramework.TestPlatform

nanoFramework.TestPlatform is a Unit Test platform dedicated to .NET nanoFramework! It has all the benefits of what you're used to when using Microsoft Test platform for .NET or XUnit or any other!

The framework includes multiple elements that are including in a single NuGet!

  • nanoFramework.TestPlatform which contains the attributes to decorate your code and the Assert classes to check that you're code is properly doing what's expected.
  • nanoFramework.UnitTestLauncher which is the engine launching and managing the Unit Tests.
  • nanoFramework.TestAdapter which is the Visual Studio Test platform adapter, allowing to have the test integration in Visual Studio.

The integration looks like that:

test integration

And the integration will point you up to your code for successful or failed tests:

test integration failed

Usage of nanoFramework.TestPlatform

Simply add the nanoFramework.TestPlatform NuGet to your project and you're good to go!

test NuGet

Once you'll build your project, the tests will be automatically discovered:

test discovered

You can then run all the tests and you'll get the result:

test success

Some tests may be skipped, they will appear like this:

test skipped

Creating a new Visual Studio NFUnitTest project

You can as well simply create a new Visual Studio NFUnitTest project that will already contains all the needed elements.

test VS project

Detailed usage

You will find the detailed usage, how to run the tests and the constraints/limitations of the platform in the other documents.

If you are interested into the architecture, please check out this detailed page.