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Digital liquid level switch

Digital liquid level switches are devices that can detect the presence of liquid/water. GPIO can be used to communicate with the devices.


The implementation supports any single pin output digital liquid level switch.


Define the LLC200D3SH sensor using the LiquidLevelSwitch class.

using (LiquidLevelSwitch sensor = new LiquidLevelSwitch(23, PinValue.Low))
    while (true)
        // read liquid level switch
        Debug.WriteLine($"Detected: {sensor.IsLiquidPresent()}");


An example on how to use the specific LLC200D3SH device binding is available in the folder.

LLC200D3SH Circuit

The following fritzing diagram illustrates one way to wire up the Optomax LLC200D3SH digital liquid level switch with a MCU.

MCU Breadboard diagram