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LPS25H - Piezoresistive pressure and thermometer sensor

Some of the applications mentioned by the datasheet:

  • Altimeter and barometer for portable devices
  • GPS applications
  • Weather station equipment
  • Sport watches


  • You can find the datasheet here


Important: make sure you properly setup the I2C pins especially for ESP32 before creating the I2cDevice, make sure you install the nanoFramework.Hardware.ESP32 nuget:

// when connecting to an ESP32 device, need to configure the I2C GPIOs
// used for the bus
Configuration.SetPinFunction(21, DeviceFunction.I2C1_DATA);
Configuration.SetPinFunction(22, DeviceFunction.I2C1_CLOCK);

For other devices like STM32, please make sure you're using the preset pins for the I2C bus you want to use.

class Program
    // I2C address on SenseHat board
    public const int I2cAddress = 0x5c;

    static void Main(string[] args)
        using (var th = new Lps25h(CreateI2cDevice()))
            while (true)
                var tempValue = th.Temperature;
                var preValue = th.Pressure;
                var altValue = WeatherHelper.CalculateAltitude(preValue, defaultSeaLevelPressure, tempValue);

                Debug.WriteLine($"Temperature: {tempValue.Celsius:0.#}\u00B0C");
                Debug.WriteLine($"Pressure: {preValue.Hectopascal:0.##}hPa");
                Debug.WriteLine($"Altitude: {altValue:0.##}m");

    private static I2cDevice CreateI2cDevice()
        var settings = new I2cConnectionSettings(1, I2cAddress);
        return I2cDevice.Create(settings);