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SHTC3 - Temperature & Humidity Sensor

SHTC3 is a digital humidity and temperature sensor designed especially for battery-driven high-volume consumer electronics application. To reduce power cosumption this project use capability of sensor to allow measurement in low power mode and active sleep mode.



Hardware Required

  • SHTC3
  • Male/Female Jumper Wires


  • SCL - SCL
  • SDA - SDA
  • VCC - 3.3V
  • GND - GND


Important: make sure you properly setup the I2C pins especially for ESP32 before creating the I2cDevice, make sure you install the nanoFramework.Hardware.ESP32 nuget:

// when connecting to an ESP32 device, need to configure the I2C GPIOs
// used for the bus
Configuration.SetPinFunction(21, DeviceFunction.I2C1_DATA);
Configuration.SetPinFunction(22, DeviceFunction.I2C1_CLOCK);

For other devices like STM32, please make sure you're using the preset pins for the I2C bus you want to use.

I2cConnectionSettings settings = new I2cConnectionSettings(1, Shtc3.DefaultI2cAddress);
I2cDevice device = I2cDevice.Create(settings);

using (Shtc3 sensor = new Shtc3(device))
    Debug.WriteLine($"Sensor Id: {sensor.Id}");

    while (true)
            if (sensor.TryGetTemperatureAndHumidity(out var temperature, out var relativeHumidity))
                Debug.WriteLine($"Temperature: {temperature.DegreesCelsius:0.#}\u00B0C");
                Debug.WriteLine($"Relative humidity: {relativeHumidity.Percent:0.#}%");
                // WeatherHelper supports more calculations, such as saturated vapor pressure, actual vapor pressure and absolute humidity.
                Debug.WriteLine($"Heat index: {WeatherHelper.CalculateHeatIndex(temperature, relativeHumidity).DegreesCelsius:0.#}\u00B0C");
                Debug.WriteLine($"Dew point: {WeatherHelper.CalculateDewPoint(temperature, relativeHumidity).DegreesCelsius:0.#}\u00B0C");





Sample result